Participant Reviews

I was in the first class of CNA students this facility had and I loved it! The RN instructors were very knowledgeable and helped each student succeed. Latisha was also very helpful in making sure we had everything we needed and coordinating everything. I also took Latisha's American Red Cross BLS course, she made it so fun and the time went by super quick! Couldn't recommend them more!

Kady Waits

Latisha was great! She was professional, made it fun and was very encouraging to everyone. She went above and beyond for me. You can tell she loves what she does. I would highly recommend coming here and will be back for renewal time!”

Jaime Boyachek

Was able to receive CPR/FA/AED training and I absolutely loved this place! Latisha is very interactive and gives a lot of great feedback when it comes to refining your life saving skills and made sure that our entire group was very comfortable with each other (turns out that some of us were going to be future coworkers and didn’t even know it until we started chatting in class haha). I recommended a handful of friends to this place and I would highly recommend for anyone who would enjoy a descriptive yet fun course!

Rebeca Alvarado Ortega

Latisha was entertaining, knowledgeable and very professional. I’d recommend anyone to join Moore Family Services for CPR training and more.

Champaigne Bagley

The instructor was very knowledgeable. The class was entertaining as well as informative! Great value and adequate use of time. I highly recommend this company!

Kat Von T

Moore Family Services provides high-quality CPR/AED First Aid training. Latisha is a pleasure to work with. She is responsive by both phone and email.

Romy Nelson

Latisha was amazing. Prompt, concise, very fun class! She clearly cares about her students and wants them to succeed. I thoroughly enjoyed my time, and felt that four hours flew by under her instruction. Will absolutely be recommending her to any of my nursing friends for recertification.

Charissa Peraud

The setting was comfortable and the class I took was with great people who all passed and got our certification! She was very helpful and I asked just about 10 extra questions every time and felt like I could do so, whereas at other places where we spent 4 hours just listening and too afraid to ask “dumb” questions and in the end it helped me out so much. I really enjoyed this experience she is a great trainer and I learned so much to prepare myself for nursing school and being a nurse! Definitely recommend!


Just completed my BLS class with the instructor, Latisha, and it was amazing! She did a great job at explaining all of the material and having us repeatedly practice to ensure we were comfortable. She created such a welcoming environment and I felt very comfortable asking questions! Will 100% be coming back for my recertification in two years!

Sophie Farina

This is the best place to go for a CPR/ First Aid class! Latisha is a fabulous instructor and you have so much fun that the time flies by. I definitely feel like I am retaining more information from this course than I have in past courses.

Leah Sarat