Phlebotomy Training in Phoenix: Excellence and Precision

The medical realm of Phlebotomy Training in Phoenix holds vast opportunities for aspiring healthcare professionals. It's a field that demands precision, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to patient care. In Phoenix, where the healthcare sector thrives, the need for skilled phlebotomists rises. These dedicated individuals play a crucial role in the medical diagnostic process, ensuring that every blood sample is handled with the utmost care. Their proficiency not only aids in accurate disease diagnosis but also fosters trust with patients, making them unsung heroes in clinics, labs, and hospitals. Enrolling in a top-tier training program is pivotal for those who wish to venture into this fulfilling career.

Moore Medical Training Institute: Shaping Healthcare Futures

At Moore Medical Training Institute, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled healthcare education. Every course we offer is meticulously designed to meet the highest industry standards, fostering both theoretical understanding and hands-on expertise. Whether you're aiming to become a seasoned phlebotomist or exploring other medical avenues, our institute is committed to your success. Our seasoned instructors, backed by years of real-world experience, guide each student through the intricacies of their chosen field. Our graduates leave not just with certificates, but with a robust understanding of their profession, ready to make significant contributions to the healthcare world.

About Our Program

MMTI’s Phlebotomy Training Program consists of completing 38 hours in-classroom didactic training, laboratory training and simulated lab. Students are required to successfully complete 30 venipuncture’s and 10 capillary sticks to sit for the NHA exam. Exams are held at MMTI’s training facility and will be proctored by one of NHA’ approved proctors.

There are no licensing requirements for phlebotomists in Arizona, but upon satisfactory completion of the training program, students are qualified to take a national certification examination.

**Weekday Class (4 days a week): two-week program**

The certification exam consists of 100 questions. Students will be provided 2 hours to complete the exam. Exam fee is $125 and is the responsibility of the student. This course meets national level phlebotomy certification status with the National Healthcare Association (NHA) Upon successful completion of the program and passing the NHA exam, students will receive a two year phlebotomy technician certification.

The number of phlebotomy jobs is growing and is expected to continue growing. Phlebotomists collect blood for lab analysis and work in medical and diagnostic laboratories, physicians’ offices and other healthcare facilities. This course will teach you all of the skills for the field of phlebotomy so you can work in any type of phlebotomy tech position. Our instructors will guide you as you learn a variety of types of venipuncture, safety standards, basic anatomy and physiology, as well as other factors involved in this career. 

Topics you will learn:



* Patient Rights

* Venipuncture with Vacutainers, Butterflies

* Phlebotomy Anatomy

* Order of draw

* Professionalism

* Special Procedures

* Patient Reactions

* Hard blood draws

* Job Opportunities

* CLSI Standards

Phlebotomy training tuition is $675.00. We offer a payment plan of $337.50 at the time of enrollment and the remaining $337.50 due two days prior to graduation. 

Tuition includes NHA exam prep study guide, and online study modules.  

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, hold a high school diploma or equivalent (GED), State issued ID or proof legal residency, negative TB test (within 9 months).

-Applicants must attend an orientation to complete enrollment forms, receive scrubs and learning materials.

-Students are required to wear red scrubs that may be purchased independently (Approx cost) $25-$40. MMTI will reimburse for scrub top up to $20. 

MMTI’s phlebotomy program utilizes NHA’s Study Guide. This program does not require an externship phase. 

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Refund Policy

Three-Day Cancellation: An applicant who provides written notice of cancellation within three days of signing the enrollment agreement, excluding Saturday, Sunday, and Major Holidays, is entitled to a refund of all monies paid. Moore Medical Training Institute will provide 100% refund No later than 30 days of receiving the notice of cancellation. See full refund policy for more details.

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